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After much thought and work…I have gathered all the courage to put a piece of my work online…nothing has been planned…just came up with 1st chapter…hope to finish it *fingers crossed*




“Hello…Ma…” Anamika looks into the rearview mirror, exasperated, raises her brows at the Autorickshaw Wala who’s honking incessantly. “Ma, I am driving…the signal is green, is there anything important?”

“No…I just wanted to remind you that you have to pick up some juice cartons for yourself from the market on your way back to home”. Anamika’s mother said.

“Ma…I’ve already done that. I will be back in 10 minutes. Ok, bye Ma…I have to rush now”.

Anamika thrushed her EasyTone shoes in her suitcase,  zipped it and called her cousin. “Hello, Veronica, have you kept the tickets?”

“Oh God, Anamika, how many times will you bug me for this, I am not a kid anymore. I have kept them”.

“Ok…Ok…I am leaving…Be ready…” Anamika sat in the cab, waved goodbye to her parents and started for Veronica’s place.

Anamika wiped the little droplets of rain on the window of the cab and her gaze fell on a little girl with her school bag waiting on the bus stop with her mother. Anamika smiled and felt delighted to leave for her first voyage all on her own. During the 18 years of her life, she had never travelled without her family. This was her first trip without them and a gift from her cousin Veronica on her 18thbirthday, as a token of welcoming her into the world of adulthood. Little did she know that this trip, a 15 day fitness workshop, will become a memory to cherish forever.


Anamika and Veronica were starving, standing in the queue for registeration since an hour.

Anamika complained of hunger pangs “Yaar, veronica, I will starve to death here only. I don’t understand what kind of fitness workshop you have brought me here for. These people make one stand for hours in the queue without any refreshment. I haven’t had anything since morning. I didn’t come down all the way from Delhi to Pondicherry to stand in this log queue. I can’t take this anymore.”

“Ok…Ok…You stand here only…see our turn is about to come…till then I will go and grab something for you.”

“Ok…but fast…otherwise I am outta here”

Being controlled by her hunger pangs she started fiddling with her pen and looking here and there just to divert her attention.

And the next instance, she saw him, drenched from head to toe in his white Tee. She noticed the moles on the nape of his fair skinned neck which looked totally desirable, an intensely expressive pair of light brown eyes and a birthmark on his adam’s apple.