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20 Random things about me


I read this somewhere a few weeks back and it really made me want to do it. I can’t remember which blog. Since I’m a super lazy  person, I’ve just gotten around to doing it.

  1. I love love love old world charm toffees like pan pasand, kismi bar, fatafat, chatpat…the list is long.
  2. I used to play guitar…I still want to…It lies on a stand in a corner of my room…but I don’t know why I am procrastinating it since last 7 months…maybe I lack the motivation to do it or I am preoccupied with other stuff.
  3. I want to live in France someday, even if it’s temporary.
  4. I often dream of falling from the last or second last stair of a staircase, I get scared and it always wakes me up.
  5. I have an extremely sweet tooth. So much so, I sneak around at night when my mom is asleep and steal sweets from the kitchen.
  6. I once crashed my car with another car on a flyover. My car got heated up and I drove that car for almost 45 minutes. It was so much heated that it would have blasted any moment. But I dropped it at the right time. Incidents like this make me strongly believe in that power called “ALMIGHTY”.
  7. My favourite cartoon strip is Calvin and Hobbes.
  8. I get annoyed by bad spellings and incorrect grammar.
  9. I’m not a morning person. Wake me up earlier than I’m used to and I’ll yawn all day.
  10. I’ve never had a fracture or an accident my entire life.
  11. I am geographically challenged. I get lost quite often.
  12. My dad and I disagree on everything under the sun.
  13. I never say no to subway.
  14. I have an unexplained love for kids. I would do anything for them.
  15. I never swear. Never use bad language.
  16. I’ve never been able to watch Friends in its entirety.
  17. Though I cant have too spicy or too heavy food but I love Rajasthani cuisine to the core. Give me “Lehsun ki Chutney” and a roti and I am the happiest person in the world.
  18. I’m in the category of obsessive people. When something interests me, I get obsessed about it.
  19. My favourite place to go when I need to feel better is a Bookstore.
  20. I am still figuring the last thing to write here  😛

Difficult Daughters

I have been trying to avoid any discussion on the topic “Marriage” but I’ve been hearing so much from every corner. Worst of it, All my friends around me are getting married one by one. It seems as if marriage is in the air…as if one’s life is flooded with nothing but the only aim of getting married. I’ve listened to all the advices of grown ups with a smile, some of which were very harsh…and some taunts from friends also.I wanted to  vent out my feelings! Only, I did not know whom to talk to…wanted to avoid voicing my opinion on my blog but I think its the best way to tell the world my state of mind. My blog has become a place where I find solace. Whenever things are getting on to me, I tend to isolate myself and plunge into writing. And while doing that, I feel as if I’m talking to my best friend who understands me and just lets me be what I am!
December 2010, I took a tough call. I left my job as an IT headhunter and started studying French in L’Alliance Francaise de Delhi. From doing B.Com and moving to MBA(HR), then joining a consulting firm to studying French! I’m clearly a living example of Diversity! 😀 Everyone says I don’t have a career focus but that’s not the case. I’m very well clear on what I want to do in life and I’m very well doing it as well. Professionally and Academically, I don’t regret any decision I took. The decisions had been the best one at that time and place. I’m very clear on not taking up any Gurgaon / Noida job. Somehow, while working, I realised that I am not at all enjoying my work and I often missed my language classes (whether english or french). So, I decided to start my french classes simultaneously with my job. Soon, I realised that I am not able to focus on both and how much I craved to go back home, open my french textbook and start doing my homework (that was for the first time, that I looked forward to doing some homework :P). After this enlightenment, I made decision to leave my job and pursue my passion. That was the first foolishness I did according to my family and relatives – leaving a full fledged career and starting all over again. I could never made them understand that this really makes me happy. After much tries, I gave up on that.
Then, came the issue of getting married. Ok, I’m 24 years what? I know I am a very difficult-to-deal-with-stubborn-headed-obstinate-case when it comes to marriage just because I don’t understand that why there is a certain age by which you should get married.People around me are going ga ga over my marriage plans. Everybody’s so called “SAPNE” will only get fulfilled because of my wedding and those dreams are of decking themselves up in heavy sarees and lehengas (Yes, I belong to a punju family :P). I feel that there is no right age to get married. One should get married only when one feels like…only when you want to share your life with someone…when you think that you are mature enough and you know yourself well and can relate to the other person easily and if age is a consideration, then you are merely following the societal norms and doing what everyone else does. I am happily single and unmarried. I have a lot to do in life yet. Neither I am dying to have a life partner soon nor I daydream of my wedding. I personally feel, that marriage is more about the feelings, the vows to spend you WHOLE yes your whole life with someone rather than just heavy jewellery, shimmery clothes and full on makeup!!!!!!!!!!! So, one should be very careful how to go about it and it will happen only at its destined time with the destined person. So, just take a chill pill and breathe 🙂
P.S: I’ve never been vocal about my decisions in life but today I feel light.
P.P.S:  Difficult Daughters is a book by Manju Kapoor…the story of a woman who goes through so many obstacles just to have the love of her life by her side…I don’t relate to this character at all in the book…but I know Mom, A Difficult Daughter I am 🙂 🙂 🙂

A year of turnaround


A year of turnaround (or should I say A Roller Coaster Ride year)…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year, around these days…my life began to change…a year of sweet nothings…a year that made me discover a whole new world out there 🙂  Life was a joyride sometimes yet at times it scared me with its uncertainity (it still does :P)

This day, I will leave you with three songs…that became very special to me this year only…the only “forever memories” I think I will have with me:

Song 1:

Song 2:

Song 3:

P.S.  Now me thinks…I should have named this post Songs of 2011  😛

I am a notable newbie…yay yay yay yay


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am a notable Newbie on Blogadda. Blogging here has been a joyride- a crazy crazy drive and I am loving every bit of it. The best part about blogging is all those nice, appreciating comments and admiration for the posts from the commentators

I felt so happy after completing the 50 blog posts challenge within 4 months of blogging and was thrilled when my friends started contributing for Guest Posts. One of these guest posts was also listed on the Spicy Saturday feature of Blogadda.

But there’s one person who became the biggest motivating force behind this blog whom I met almost a year ago, who gave me enough courage to give words to my thoughts and start my blog. Just want to say a heartfelt thank you today for bringing Coffee Ramblings where it is today.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers 🙂

Stay around

Lots of hugs.


A story of a galaxy far far away :) :)

8160 its been....... Doesn't feel like that.
  with that expression on face for "Golden Nest",
  and fear of Black magic in eyes of yours,
  you started the clock against the countdown....
  to go somewhere far far from this world,
  with smiles in pieces and question in mind...
  you started to collect those pieces of sand,
  only god knows wheher you knew this or not,
  you were only creating your own nemesis...
  your patience against that mind & maddness,
  surrendering soul to those pentrating eyes....
  with some doubts and some questions,
  yet you remain on the course of journey....
  to find the harmony or for the finale,
  you came back to the 0,0,0,0 one more time....
  with one answer and lot of sand,
  with a smile on face & scarlett sparkle in eyes,
  you aimed to that galaxy far far away...
  in mind & in heart,
  you knew the answer... you always knew...
  still you decided to stick with Hawk,
  till the heights where venus-mars meets....

 8160 its been..... Doesn't feel like that.
  and the clock is ticking,
  countdown has already begun...
  time is near for hawk to land,
  for the final good bye....
  whether you know or not,
  a smile is already there on that star,
  on a galaxy very very far....
  wishing you with lots of love,
  blessing you from core of the star...
  before you know... before you feel,
  hawk will be long gone...
  carrying the wieght of sand & words..

  what more to say...
  what more to feel...
  its a story of a era,
  playing roles colors of this world..
  begun with a golden
  with flash in pink & white,
  with a fun of yellow,
  and love to that Black & white,
  and ending with again in golden...
  nothing more .... nothing less.
  nothing more..... nothing less.

8160 its been.... Doesn't feel like that.

P.S.  It’s a guest post written by a very dear friend of mine. This is special for me…gonna cherish this


The love of my life…Post 50


Well, the last post of this challenge (that I gave myself) would have been dedicated to none but you…The love of my life (or should I say food for my soul??????)…Its none other than writing…an affair for lifetime 🙂

I started writing when I was in school but wrote only for the formal assignments imposed by teachers…never tried anything on my own (ou sur mes propres idees :P) but developed an obsession for vocabulary… As time passed by and I stepped into college (now going to a D.U college means splurging your time) I had more time on my hands so I started writing. Then, as life took its toll and I started getting busier in the day to day chores of my life I realised that something is missing. Sooner, I rediscovered my passion while accomplishing this challenge…Now, I just don’t ever want to keep the pen down 🙂

So guys the crux of the story is GET WHAT YOU LOVE, GIVE WHAT YOU DON’T  😛


P.S. I am eagerly waiting for this:


Moments…Post 49


 Love u Visoooooooooo for this…will always keep this with me  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Miss you shabbo  😛

Ahhhhhhhhh…What days they were…real fun………………

Geetika…you ought to be here 🙂

This title seems incomplete without you  🙂

We really were the pillars of our college…we disintegrated…the entire batch disintegrated…

Girl power…Kudos  🙂