A story of a galaxy far far away :) :)

8160 its been....... Doesn't feel like that.
  with that expression on face for "Golden Nest",
  and fear of Black magic in eyes of yours,
  you started the clock against the countdown....
  to go somewhere far far from this world,
  with smiles in pieces and question in mind...
  you started to collect those pieces of sand,
  only god knows wheher you knew this or not,
  you were only creating your own nemesis...
  your patience against that mind & maddness,
  surrendering soul to those pentrating eyes....
  with some doubts and some questions,
  yet you remain on the course of journey....
  to find the harmony or for the finale,
  you came back to the 0,0,0,0 one more time....
  with one answer and lot of sand,
  with a smile on face & scarlett sparkle in eyes,
  you aimed to that galaxy far far away...
  in mind & in heart,
  you knew the answer... you always knew...
  still you decided to stick with Hawk,
  till the heights where venus-mars meets....

 8160 its been..... Doesn't feel like that.
  and the clock is ticking,
  countdown has already begun...
  time is near for hawk to land,
  for the final good bye....
  whether you know or not,
  a smile is already there on that star,
  on a galaxy very very far....
  wishing you with lots of love,
  blessing you from core of the star...
  before you know... before you feel,
  hawk will be long gone...
  carrying the wieght of sand & words..

  what more to say...
  what more to feel...
  its a story of a era,
  playing roles colors of this world..
  begun with a golden
  with flash in pink & white,
  with a fun of yellow,
  and love to that Black & white,
  and ending with again in golden...
  nothing more .... nothing less.
  nothing more..... nothing less.

8160 its been.... Doesn't feel like that.

P.S.  It’s a guest post written by a very dear friend of mine. This is special for me…gonna cherish this


About Chhavi Pruthi

Being a married woman! It's a tough job! It's being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 12 months a year. You cook! You kiss! You pray! You sweep! You teach! You plan! You shop! You Love! One has to become a woman of many talents. We all need a little help from time to time and that's when I decided to create a platform for my homemaking diaries. A place where I can share my personal experiences and can learn from fellow homemakers in the cyber world.

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