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Diyas Galore



Are you game?


BluO is modelled on the lines of Thailand’s famous Blu-O bowling alley, and is a joint venture between PVR Cinemas and Major Cineplex, Thailand. In Delhi, it has opened its new franchisee at DLF Ambience, Vasant Vihar. It is in Gurgaon also but after hearing that one has to wait a lot there we zeroed in on the one at Vasant Vihar.

I went there on a friend’s birthday party last week. We were really done with all those movies and lunches – clichéd ways to celebrate so we headed to a new destination called BluO to get bowled over. And I will not be exaggerating if I say I actually got bowled over by the place. The whole setup there lifted my spirits up and I was soon geared up for a game.

What really made me glad was the fact that most other places like this just set up the machinery there without actually thinking that they should make it an experience rather than just another game. Last month, I went to Essex Farms and unlike there they have clubbed it with food, drinks and a lounge bar. To add to that foot tapping music ( just a DJ and a dance floor was needed)!!!  The ambience is cool, happening and lively with a Karaoke Bar and a tattoo studio in the bylanes. To be precise, it’s like a pub with some great play of dim lights, lounge music and comfortable seats and really stylish interiors.

Also, if bowling is not your thing, you can book the lounge for partying, cozying up and unwinding after a long long day.


This gift made me nostalgic…


Shruti made a gel candle in school which she, everyday, lits
And, as she lits, she takes the candle to a corner and, on a chair, she sits
she fondly recalls her schooldays with chads and chhavs and some other tit-bits
while doing so, in her mind, a bunch of forgotten memories she knits

…those canteen bread pakoras and those back seats
…those annual functions and those class skits
…. those “literally dumb charades” and  “Raja mantri chor sipahi” played using silly chits
…. at her dismissal, Shruts used to flutter her eyes as if she’s having fits
…. but when it comes to academics, longest was her list of merits

In another room, it is Chhavi who admits..

… saying sorry to someone could sometimes be the worst mistke one commits (LOL)
….but without friends life will be full of deficits
…. that 12th Board maths exam was a horror of digits
…..which made her think were all mathematicians world’s biggest dimwits???

Chads, the camel, also has some additions and edits

….she recalled the days she made us rofl with her one liner explicits
….her height and jokes were her biggest hits
… so lovely was her voice which one doesn’t develop but only inherits
.. she was sarcastic but she knew her limits

Today everyone is occupied in their own pursuits
Meeting everyday, our busy lives do not permit
So we decided to go catch up one day and reconcile emotional debits
And of all the recents hits…
…the movie we went to see was purely co-incidentally titled “Friends with benefits”
And, “Friends Never Change”  and remain the same in manner and wits

There is no time like ‘school days’ is what one always admits
Like school friends, there was, is and will never be anyyyy social circuit
We may be mature, but what really die hard are our old habits..

Thinking of this, to everyone, Chhavs solicits
Once in a while, it is best to pay your friends those long overdue visits………………………………..

P.S. This is a poem written by a friend of mine whom I cajoled to be a guest here 😛  Thanks

Photo Courtesy:  Me   😛 😛


The beginning of Guest Blogging


In this world you will meet MANNNYY

but there will be no one like ANNNIIIEE

She came into my closed cocooned life from a small cranny

She wants only your love and does not want any PENNY

anddd she is THE GIRL I wud love to take home to my Granny

She is a veggie like me coz she is a Jaini

Her sense of style is uncanny

In her lap it feels like she is my Nanny

With her my dry life also becomes Rainy

I would love to be her SLAVE in her TYRANNY

P.S. This is the first guest post here by a very dear friend of mine…thank you…the beginning of Guest Blogging…the beginning of a milestone…yay 🙂

A Visit to Dastkar Nature Bazaar


Two years ago I saw a picture of really beautiful rajasthani juttis in the What’s Hot supplement that comes with TOI every Friday and immediately I knew that I have to visit this place. It was Dastkar Nature and Craft Bazaar. My sister, being a student of fashion designing, does not need to be coaxed to accompany me to such places. She is very passionate for crafts and I was amazed to see the work there.

Dastkar is a society for crafts and craftspeople which promotes rural handicrafts and works for the upliftment of tribal and underprivileged artisans. It celebrates the season of spring and thus the bazaar is held twice a year in Delhi, i.e in Feburary and October. It has already started for October. 8th October was the first day and it is till 19th October’11 @ Crafts Museum, Pragati Maidan, Delhi from 10.30 am-7.30 pm showcasing a gamut of quality crafts from across India. Being a regular visitor of this bazaar, this time I couldn’t contain my excitement and I went there on the very first day.

Just the experience of walking through this bazaar is lovely. The products there are out of this world and are an epitome of creativity as one cannot find them anywhere and everywhere. Workshops like pottery workshops, etc.  and cultural performances are also held there.

This was a colorful and animated pupeteering which I saw.

This year’s theme is camel and you will find products made from Camel wool, camel dung and camel milk.

For foodies like me out there I must tell you that you will be really disappointed. The food stalls have ok-ok food and this time visitors don’t have much choice. Just three stalls there- Rajasthani food, Hyderabadi Biryani and a Chaat Stall.

Now some goodies for the eyecandy

Jaipuri colourful chappals

This stall was by Prabhat NGO where everything was made of waste

An E-waste Mandir

An NGO called Hathi Chhap Showcasing products made out of elephant’s poop 😛

And these hathi chashme also…they were really cute

So if you are all for crafts like me, then this place is a must visit otherwise also I suggest you to go there. Who knows you might fall in love with crafts.

The love of my life…Post 50


Well, the last post of this challenge (that I gave myself) would have been dedicated to none but you…The love of my life (or should I say food for my soul??????)…Its none other than writing…an affair for lifetime 🙂

I started writing when I was in school but wrote only for the formal assignments imposed by teachers…never tried anything on my own (ou sur mes propres idees :P) but developed an obsession for vocabulary… As time passed by and I stepped into college (now going to a D.U college means splurging your time) I had more time on my hands so I started writing. Then, as life took its toll and I started getting busier in the day to day chores of my life I realised that something is missing. Sooner, I rediscovered my passion while accomplishing this challenge…Now, I just don’t ever want to keep the pen down 🙂

So guys the crux of the story is GET WHAT YOU LOVE, GIVE WHAT YOU DON’T  😛


P.S. I am eagerly waiting for this:


Moments…Post 49


 Love u Visoooooooooo for this…will always keep this with me  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Miss you shabbo  😛

Ahhhhhhhhh…What days they were…real fun………………

Geetika…you ought to be here 🙂

This title seems incomplete without you  🙂

We really were the pillars of our college…we disintegrated…the entire batch disintegrated…

Girl power…Kudos  🙂