For Pratty With Love :) Post 19


As I look back

the years gone by…

They say this right

time really flies…


Will miss those golgappe sprees

and our endless shopping trips…


Those long phone calls

stretched till midnight…

Those moments of bonding

after every fight…


As you move ahead

in the journey of life…

remember all of us

by your side…


May you be the Cinderella

of that fairytale…

which says “Happily Ever After”

and have a joyous stay…


P.S.    This poem is for my friend Pratima on her birthday…She will be getting married this November  🙂  Her fiance called up to write down some message for her and these lines came instantly to my mind  🙂


About Chhavi Pruthi

Being a married woman! It's a tough job! It's being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 12 months a year. You cook! You kiss! You pray! You sweep! You teach! You plan! You shop! You Love! One has to become a woman of many talents. We all need a little help from time to time and that's when I decided to create a platform for my homemaking diaries. A place where I can share my personal experiences and can learn from fellow homemakers in the cyber world.

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