A much awaited day trip to Kingdom of Dreams 1…Post 11


This has been an overdue post…I went to visit Kingdom of Dreams with two of my really good friends last month. Our last day trip was to Mathura and Vrindavan two years ago. So, we decided to plan another one (although one of us was missing…forget missing…she was having the time of her life in Europe…boohoo hoo hoo) and thought we will be successful if we can make her jealous even by an ounce and we succeeded…yay…yay…yay…yay . This was one of the best outings we’ve had in recent times and much needed also…what with our overdose of studying and working.

We had driven down to the apex of the golden triangle of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. KOD is a place where the festival that is India is celebrated in the grand and glamorous style.

We just reached in time for the screening of Zangoora (thank God or should I thank my friend for driving rash!!!!!!!!!), grabbed our seats in the front and had an experience beyond measures  🙂 🙂 🙂

Zangoora – The Gypsy Prince is the first Bollywood Musical ever. It is a tale of a gypsy boy who grows up to find out his real identity of a king. Marked by love, action, dance, romance and drama – the musical stands for everything Bollywood. It’s a fusion of a movie, a play and a dance-drama. It is definitely something Indian audiences have never seen before.

An elephant pops up on stage, the hero arrives flying on an eagle, the heroine swings down to the proscenium and there is a dream sequence in which the hero and the heroine are flying — of course, all this with the help of wires, stage props and huge LED screens that bring palaces and dungeons to life. The vivid costumes, aerial acrobatics, sound effects, special effects, a bit of magic and flawless choreography weave a tale of fantasy on the stage.   There are giant screens to your left and right which connect with the events on stage, which has a screen at the back. So a bat begins to fly on the wall to your right, flies through the stage, and exits out of the screen at the left wall. The set management is deft, quick and stupendous. Combined with the two screens, it brings alive a jungle, a scene underwater, palaces, battles, and everything else.  It’s not the story, the direction or the acting, but simply the scale of Zangoora that dazzles.

I know…I know…It would have been the best thing if I would have let the pictures do the talking but we were not allowed to click them inside the Nautanki Mahal…so uploading a video of the sneak peak of Zangoora which is my favourite part of the Musical…

I took time to get over the whole  Zangoora experience. I felt like  a  kid who has  come to watch a fancy play . I actually wanted to go on the stage and dance with the actors.

Go and experience it for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S  In the next post, I will write about Culture Gully, a sky-domed clone of Dilli Haat…Did not want to make this a long and boring post…have a lot of picies there  :p


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